85 Robot “Volunteers” To Be At South Korean Winter Games Signalling The Beginning Of The End For Everyone

Business Insider has reported that there is gonna be 85 robot “volunteers” at next years winter games in Pyeongchang.

There will be a whole range of robots including delivery robots, tourist helpers, and even a torch bearer, which presumably is a clamp on wheels (not a robot). Come to think of it the tourist helpers are probably just directional arrows on poles.

A robot that looks nothing like a human.
A robot that looks nothing like a human.

Anyway, some of these terrifying fuckers will be able to talk, telling people where to go, where to stick it and how to get out of the way. They’ll also be a mural painting robot ready to “wow” visitors with softcore mural creations similar to the wank graffiti on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2.

LG announced that they are trialing a cleaning robot ready for the games, putting actual people who need jobs, out of jobs.

It’s yet to be seen if any robots will be partaking in any of the events, but with Russia being ousted it looks like all the superhuman automatons have been filtered out.

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