Could Dyson Award Winning Paper Bike Helmet Become Snowboardings Next Big Thing?


This fantastic innovation is the creation of Isis Shiffer, a designer based in Trump’s America. She had an idea to create a helmet that could be dispensed from vending machines near to cycling sharing schemes. It’s a great idea. I mean who walks around with a helmet in their bag just in case the opportunity to ride a bike comes about? Exactly.

The honeycomb paper design is strong and can be folded up, kind of like a PoundLand Christmas decoration. It may sound like a simple concept but it has attracted the attention of James Dyson of making sucking machines, who has decided to give Isis (the lady not the terrorist organisation, although that would have made for a better story) £30,000 to continue development of the “Eco-Helmet”

The helmet is designed to be a better-than-nothing alternative to those riding on busy urban streets, so of course it’s not going to be Snowboarders next big thing, as the title implied. I just put that so I could tenuously tie it in with Seasonaire type stuff. Maybe you will see them at the bottom of slopes at resorts who insist on riders wearing helmets, but let’s face it, the snow would have long have melted before that day comes around.

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