The Best Drones To Go Snowboarding With

Whether¬†this is your first snowboarding experience or if it’s already something that you regularly do, we all know that we’re looking to capture the insane mock-stunts that we never prepared for in the first place. So, why not try to capture them “moments” on the piste to remember and share them with your friends and family afterwards? Well, drones are here to provide their futuristic, robotic services at your will. We’ve compiled a lovely little list here that we think are the best drones to go snowboarding with:


3D Robotics

#1: 3D Robotics:
When you want to take some dramatic photos, you can count with the 3D Robotics – it has a follow-me capability. A FOLLOW-ME CAPABILITY! I mean it also has other modes like the selfie, orbit, and cable cam, so you’ll take the most amazing shots, but did we mention the FOLLOW-ME CAPABILITY?! Easy to control even with your tablet, and works very well with GoPro cameras – so providing you have the money, this is a fantastic choice.



#2: Yuneec:
Yuneec has 2 different lines of drones: the professional Tornados and the more commercial Typhoons. One of the latest Typhoon models they launched already has a 4K camera and an image stabiliser that will allow you to get the best images from your snowboarding experience, especially if you’re a high-resolution junkie. The Typhoon also has a retractable landing gear so that you can be sure its legs won’t appear on your images. The optimized sensors will help it to avoid large obstacles, such as bars and mountains.


DJI Phantom 4 Drone

#3: DJI:
Their most recent model, the Phantom 4, shoots in 4K and it can fly for 28 minutes (i know). What’s absolutely amazing with this drone is that it’s reliable, durable, easy to operate, and you just need to tap on the person or object, and it will follow it immediately. The Phantom 4 is very stable which allow you to take great photos, and it also has some powerful sensors built-in to prevent collisions with major obstacles.


Parrot AR Drone

#4: Parrot:
One of the biggest differences between the Parrot and other drones is the fact that it uses Wi-Fi instead of radio signals to control the drone. Their most recent model, the Bebop 2, is able to fly with any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.¬†Despite the Bebop 2 doesn’t have a so intuitive control and that is has a shorter reach, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to take the most amazing photos when you’re snowboarding. Since you’ll need it to be more precise, you can always get a SkyController accessory that will allow you to maneuver it better and it will also give you more flying range. Lasts around 25 minutes in the air.


Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone

#5: Horizon Hobby:
The Horizon Hobby usually has the most affordable drones, so if you’re the type that likes to blow their budget at the Apres Ski or you have an expensive taste in accommodation, this could be for you. The BLADE Chroma line offers you the chance to choose between having a GoPro, 4K, or 1080p mount options. However, only with the 4K, the most advanced model, you’ll be able to have live streaming. With the other two versions, the drone will only be able to fly-and-point. Despite these differences, the Horizon Hobby drones are very easy to operate, and they all have a fail-safe return to their launch point.

Always remember, don’t drink and fly. It’s an expensive mistake.

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