GoPro have only gone and released another fucking camera. The “So simple. So Powerful. So GoPro” Hero 5. Yeah, it is sooooooo GoPro. As far as I can tell from the latest edit, you know the one they spunk out for every release, life is about to get even more depressing. This camera has the power to turn any dickhead into an incredibly beautiful, awesome shredder with endless stashes of cash to travel the world and buy a vintage campervan…that works.


But unlike the releases of past, there is more. It’s got four propellers and an amoeba with no concept of the future or technology or existence predicted GoPro would release one. A drone. I mean for goodness sake. My mate down the road has made his own shitting drone from bits he got from a magazine subscription. You’re a multi billion dollar “Inc” whatever the hell that is, floating around on the NASDAQ. Your iPhone should have it’s own fucking helicopter and you’ve only just managed to release a drone when DJI, a company no one had EVER heard of is already on their tenth or whatever. It better be the best drone you’ve ever seen in your life.

Anyway the drone or “Karma” (which is a dreadful name) is “More than a drone” apparently. To find out if it actually is “more than a drone” I went to the website. The parallax design and annoying layout gave me little information apart from incredibly well shot images with words like “Easy” and “Ultra” brandished everywhere. Still, I was half tempted to stick the £749 on a credit card and be done with it.

And that’s the problem. Somehow GoPro have the ability, a bit like Apple, to present something in such a way that we just want it. And now.

The only thing I want is the traffic. Which I was I have written this 3 hours after the video was launched without knowing anything about the camera or the drone. If you think for one second any other publication is doing it differently, you’re an idiot. Anyway, we’d love to know what you think about it. Honest.

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