Will Climate Change Melt Your Powder Dreams?

In short…yes. One day you’ll rock up, board in hand ready to shred in your newly purchased steez, only to find that the only shredding you’ll be doing is skin on rock. There won’t be any snow. The look of disappointment on your face will be enough to kill a polar bear and you’ll be left there looking like a complete idiot wondering whether all those budget airline flights you took contributed to the brown, dank mess you’re now looking at. You conclude..”Probably”

And like me, you’re a fucking idiot. It’s not easy all this saving the planet business. Budget airlines are brilliant, meat is awesome (unless you’re a vegetarian) and cars are useful, but the mountains will be some of the first places to suffer mine and your selfish ways.

Chamonix is one of the most polluted places in France, so much so that back in 2013 kids had to stay indoors to stop them from getting chronic wheezing disease or something. Wood fires (an essential aesthetic to any alpine scene), car fumes, many of which arrive from tourists local or otherwise, dropping in for the weekend and industry are the main culprits. The video below explains why, but is also part of the reason why you’re probably too fucking lazy to care.

I mean for fucks sake. The data may be alarming, but it’s not as worrying as how fucking god awful this video is. This is a serious issue that will effect everyone of us, and in particular those in the mountains. Yet this is the best that can be mustered up from an area that is known for it’s action sports film making. Really? Can no one in the mountain community stump up a genuine effort at drawing peoples attention to this? Surly someone with a camera and a brain can make something half decent? Maybe we should? Maybe we will.

Mountain No Snow
This may become a familiar sight in the alps.

The thing is, it’s already happening. The effect won’t be no snow all of a sudden. It will be a gradual change. According to the WWF, climate change will increase the frequency of extreme meteorological events, such as floods and avalanches and I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but there has been a lot in the news about freak weather events, particularly in the mountains.

The reason I bring this up is because today, it just popped in my head. The realisation that some day, probably sooner than any of us think, there will be no snow to go to aside from the dully lit snow domes generating yet more noxious gases that are melting the real snow. It’s snow on snow, and the man made, uber fossil fuel consuming florecent lit ball bag snow, is winning.

Do you think that climate change is going to ruin your mountain fun? Is it already? What are you doing about it? Let us know, we’d love to know…we’ll be looking into this a lot more this winter.

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