Get Involved! We’re Recruiting…

Are you one super-duper-radical-trendy cool cat? Can you write well, take photographs, film videos, edit videos, bring in advertising revenue, take charge of SEO, work to strict deadlines, make coffee, annnnnd clean toilets??!?!1!!?

If you can do all of those things and you don’t want to make any money from it then boy have we got the opportunity for you! The Seasonaire is currently looking for someone to do all the work for us (for free) whilst we sit back and do some other important stuff.

The ideal candidate(s) must:

  • Be free from 25th September 2014 – 25th September 2074.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of skiing, snowboarding, and snowblading (snowscootering preferred but not essential)
  • Have a good grasp on how to produce an engaging story, image, video, podcast, and 7 part documentary.
  • Have a great working knowledge of WordPress, Adobe CS, and Cool Boarders 3.
  • Know the difference between a double corked backside 1440 and a backside double 1440 late cork.
  • Have access to their own laptop, camera, gopro, guitar, and dehumidifier.
  • Have at least 10 years experience in a relevant niche skill/profession (preference for those with expertise in viral video marketing for the snowshoe market).
  • Drive their own monster truck.
  • Not be afraid to take on new challenges and never fail!
  • Have an MBA or equivalent business management degree.
  • Have an NVQ level 19 in Microsoft Excel.
  • Be willing to work for free (we blew all the budget on cheap bourbon and fags).

But why should you want to work for us? We will help you to help us by…

  • Publishing your work on a site no one reads.
  • Mentoring you – our editors have a combined two and a half weeks of professional media experience.
  • Telling you you’re doing a great/good/bad/awful job.
  • Letting you watch snowboard videos all day.
  • Giving you free gear that’s knackered and doesn’t work any more.

Get in touch and apply in the contacts or on Facebook!

Past career success includes:

Romberto Curluso

  • Was: a nerd.
  • Now: an over educated, irrelevant, ignored, and jaded nerd.

Puliver Hurt

  • Was: a content curator for online and social media.
  • Now: a content curator for a soulless media conglomerate’s online and social media.

The IT Guy

  • Was: an IT guy at some company.
  • Now: an IT guy at some company.

Glen from Stoke

  • Was: an intern at The Seasonaire.
  • Now: Missing. Presumed lost at sea.

If you don’t want to work for us then get in touch with Illicit Snowboarding who are looking of an infographic intern to work on a zero hours contract for the next 62 years.

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