Hoverboard Hype: The Real Deal?

Ever since Back to the Future 2, we’ve all been willing to kill someone for the opportunity to ride a hoverboard. In the film, we’re promised that we’ll all be zipping around on hoverboards by 2015. And today, people all over the internet have been getting there pants wet after a video from the company HUVrTech claims that hoverboards are now a reality.

The video features Doc Brown, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, actor Billy Zane, 1999’s Moby alongside some people we’ve never heard of riding hoverboards.

People have been going wild now that they think they can get their hands on a genuine, bonafide, electrified hoverboard. But us lot here at the Seasonaire reckon we’re all being trolled. But why?! We hear you all ask, ‘why would THE Doc Brown, Billy Zane, Moby and Tony Hawk get together to promote something that’s not real?!’.

Well, we don’t fucking know. At first we thought it was a viral for Back to the Future 4; a prospect which is almost as exciting as a real hoverboard. After all, Nike have recently announced Back to the Future  style self lacing shoes are going to be released in 2015, could this all be some fake product marketing to hype up Back to the Future 4? Apparently not, it’s just a video by the team at Funny or Die. But who knows, maybe hoverboards are real after all?

Romberto Curluso; Hoverboard enthusiast and user of collective pronouns even though he’s by himself.

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