Womens Slopestyle Final

The semi’s were early if you were in the UK. But if you did get up, you would have been 50% dissapointed. Aimee Fuller went for it, but it just wasn’t to be. Jenny Jones however did what she needed to do and got herself through, let’s not dwell on it, this is the final.

Jenny Jones first run is up. Solid on the rails but comes off a little early on the last one. The rest was solid. The last kicker iced the cake with a slick FS 7. Aimee Fuller, in the commentary box, was stoked.

The swiss were up next. Rail section was solid but the kickers weren’t all they could have been. Sina went for the same line as Jenny. She went bigger. That boosted her score.

Going massive, Sarka just went for it. Slick, smooth and stylish. It looked fantastic. the judges agreed, she scored 86, that was a big score.

At this point it seemed important to get a good score on the board. Put in a solid run so you’ve got nothing to lose for your second run.

Enni scored 73.75 for a run that perhaps wasn’t all that big. She hit the knuckle on the second kicker, but she still scored higher than Jenny.

The yank was up. Not sure when to go, she finally went. Karly went smooth through the rails. Queued up for the kickers she throws a bs 5 and finishes, well, wobbly. She fell. She looked dissapointed. It was just a 39 but she had another run and she looked determined.

Spencer was next. The rail section was completed with style. The kickers were up. Switch BS 5, second kicker a hand went down. she was going to throw down in the second run, for sure. She scored a 30.

Elena’s turn. Rails looked smooth. A doddle for her but hitting the first kicker she went massive, it caught her out. She hit the deck. Ed summed it up well “if you wanna dance, you’ve gotta pay the band”.

Torah Bright, the “non-competitor” was up. It looked good. Cheeky. She knew it was good. Thekcikers were up. FS cab nine, bs 3 next and FS 3 to finish. It was massive. Hitting a nine on the first kicker was just, well, huge. Let’s see what the judges think. 64.75. She was penalised for execution. she has another run, let’s see what she can do with it.

Jamie Anderson up next with 3 riders left for the first run. She looked solid. Really relaxed and smooth. Cab 7, 5 then a fs7 off the last kicker. She dragged a bit, but man it looked good. Really good. She may be marked down for this though. Let’s see what the judges think. 80.75, they didn’t penalise her all that much. There seems to be a lack of consistency on the judging.

Issabelle up next. t’s a quick start. arms wavering. She pushed hard for a fs 7, it looks sketchy. The rest of the run too was a bit rough. BS Rodeo off the last and she hits the knucle, this won’t be a big score. 58.50 It wasn’t

At this point, one of the marshalls almost breaks his neck trying to help Anna Gasser get back up. She got sent off early and had to try and get back up the start. This must have thrown her no? Let’s see. The rail line looks smooth. She goes big for the russian doll. Going deep off the first kicker. Massive FS 7 but no, it wasn’t to be. It was so slick, smooth and stylish. If she can hit that on her second run, she stands a chance of being on the podium.

Run 1 is over.

It’s run 2.

Celia was up. With a porr first run she nees to go for it. The rails started off not so good. this didn’t look like a medal winning run. She went down. Celia was out.

Jenny was up. She went for it. it looked clean, slick and smooth. She just wanted a clean run. She wanted to dare those judges to mark her down. What was her score. We were left waiting. The wait was ages. Ages and ages. There seemed to an arguement going on. It was massive an 87.75!!!

There are still a lot to go and there are a few threats. Sina to go. Rails, solid. She just threw down a FS 1080. That was massive. This may be Jenny Jones run dashed from gold. this had to be a big score. No one has done the 1080 in comp before,, but it was skecthy. 87.00. Only good enough for silver. Jenny is still in gold.

There are still 9 riders to go.

The rails went ok. Sarkas going for it. Perhaps too hard. That was a big slam. Her head hit hard. The medics are out. It was a huge hit. She caught an edge and her head just hit the deck, hard. We are glad she is ok. Her helmet wasn’t.

Smashed Helmet
Sarkas smashed helmet

Will that slam of put the cat amongst the pigeons.

The Fin was up. Consistent, it was slick, stylish and it looked great. this could be a big score. could it take Jennys position. It was massive, it was a 92.50. Jenny was off gold and into silver.

Karly Shoor was up. She’s going to go big. The rails are smooth. It was a stylish run, tweaked. It looked great but not sure it will score highly. It didnt, it was a 75.00.

Spencer Obrian from Canada to go. Again, she was going to go for it. it was looking clean. But then she sat down. Her dreams were dashed. That would be it for her ‘lympics.

Elena the Swiss to go. She struggled on her first. The rails came and that was it. As quick as it started, it vanished. She fell. She went for it on the kickers anyway, to give us a show. It looked great. But she wouldn’t be in for a medal.

The Aussies are here. Looking techincal she went for it. But she was down. Bum on the floor on the first kicker. Torah just missed the mark. there were gentle cheers in the british camp.

Jamie Anderson to go. She could take gold but would this run do it. She looked relaxed. It was looking tidy. It still was with a cab 7 nose. the second kicker looked great and she finished with a fs 7. This could take gold. Either way it is likely to take out Jenny to bronze. It did, she took first.

The Jones was in bronze position. Few riders to go. Isabel the swiss to go. rails started badly. She would have to go bick on the kickers…no. she went down. She failed on the 3rd obstacle. Jenny Jones had a chance, there is one rider to go between Jenny getting a medal.

So, one rider to go, Jenny in Bronze. What will happen. Anna Gasser to go, and she is awesome. She could do this. If she does the cab double cork, she could take gold. She takes the rail, the second, the third. She is looking good. Cab underflip. She’s gone down. that’s it!! JENNY TAKES BRONZE!! The first British Medal on snow…EVER!

Well done Jenny. What a show. WATCH IT

Jenny Jones takes Bronze
Jenny Jones takes Bronze


Ollie Peart – Womens Snowboard Lover

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