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Believe it or not, The Seasonaire is a truley international site. Told you wouldn’t believe it, but it is. However, we are UK based and as such we have access to probably the best broadcasting corporation in the world, the BBC.

The BBC have a pretty solid reputation for picking out the best talent and putting them on screen, Jimmy Saville being the exception, and I would like to commend a pairing chosen to commentate on snowboarding during the games… Tim Warwood and Ed Leigh.

Tim Warwood interviewing Mick Hucknall
Tim Warwood interviewing Mick Hucknall

It’s not often, or at least I don’t think it is, that commentators get commended on their work, but what the pair did during the final was not only informative but it was engaging, entertaining and witty. Their collective style fits our sport of snowboarding better than anything and I think the publicity and excitement that gained momentum during the final was due in no small part to their fantastic musings, observations and explanations. Their unwavering enthusiasm is contagious.

Ed Leigh looking handy
Photo @nathanGallagher Ed Leigh looking handy

Sure, there were mistakes. Ed at one point said that he was “picking hairs”, I’m pretty sure it’s splitting hairs, but who cares! That was part of the charm, and it was live, what do you expect…

If you don’t know what I am talking about because you are like from abroad or whatever, here are some of their best bits and what other people are saying.

Perfectly measured like a suit on Saville Row

– Talking about Jenny Jones semi final run

She has a face that can help bread rise

– on Jenny Jones

One of the Finnish wonder kids

I was laughing too much to know who this was about.

Slugs in my knickers

Womens slopestyle semis

Riding switch is like riding with your left hand…whilst being attacked by a flock of seagulls!

talking about Staale run…I think

Follwed up with

While wearing a chip hat

Loving the passion from @SnowEdLeigh @Tim_Warwood on the Slopestyle commentary. It’s like 2 blokes in a pub commentating #goodstuff

@BBCSport Best commentator by far for enthusiasm definitely Ed Leigh with slopestyle!! Makes it so much more interesting


  1. Robbo

    You are kidding? These condescending idiots were the reason I wanted to turn the commentary off! The wouldn’t know a good run if it hit them in the face. Either the judges know what they are doing or the cool bros do – I’m with the judges. Totally clueless!!!!!

    1. Post

      “condescending”? What are you talking about? Mmm, I understand if you were annoyed if they were putting you off while you nursed your semi during the womens semis, but condescending? They have opinion, that’s the point. You’re gonna have to chuck us some examples, we’re open to fair debate.

  2. Robbo

    How many times did they say… Mums and dads?? As if to say this is a kids only sport which god forbid older people may be watching? I’m not going to argue it’s only an opinion. The only reason I found this page was a search to see who they were. I’m off to watch the women – mute button on!

    1. casey

      I feel like you might be getting a bit sore about that when there wasn’t anything meant by it. Besides, it’s much better than commentating with no thought to people who DON’T know much about snowboarding. I found them really informative and entertaining and most importantly, really genuine in their excitement about the sport.

  3. UmSoraya

    Loving the commentary from Tim Warwood and Ed Leigh…. another to add to your list is “She’s going to be able to upgrade to business class on the way home with those air miles” Fantastic.

    1. Post
  4. Andy

    Ed and Tim are perfectly tuned to the sports on which they commentate, Fresh, cool, original and with humor. If you don’t like them I would be surprised if you like any sports they actually present either.

  5. Chris Manuel

    I actually thought this article was being sarcastic when reading through the first paragraph…

    Ive never watched BBC commentary like it… i don’t mind Ed Leigh… but shit, Tim Warwood is terrible. Half of the time he’s not even commenting on whats going on… instead he’s talking about chip hats and seagulls, slugs and which isn’t even funny in the slightest. He’s acts like a kid… He’s childish to the extreme and screams like a girl.

    I could quote hundreds of pointless and idiotic comments he’s made during the snowboarding and skiing – Its a shame we don’t have alternative coverage.

    I love snowboarding and cant get enough of it, but I do get sick of the culture it seems to be creating… people like Tim Warwood.

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