Sochi Olympic Slopestyle Practice

We’ve just found these videos of several Olympic snowboarders warming up on the slopestyle course in Sochi. Check out the size of those jumps! There’s also a video of Torstein Horgmo’s collar bone braking slam.

Check them out and let us know what you think…

UPDATE! Check out this top to bottom POV run on the slopestyle course

Here’s some riders, including what looks like Team GB, throwing some shapes over a ma-hoo-sive kicker

And here’s someone getting a nice run on both kickers down…

And here’s Torstein’s harsh zeach to scorpion. We’re gutted that he’s out of the Olympics, but from the video it looks like the fall was down to rider error not a dodgy course as some people have been suggesting.

Romberto Curluso; former potential Olympic athlete and Olympic correspondent for The Seasonaire.


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