Skrillex Joins Team GB, Wears Tracksuit

In a surprising turn of events, Skrillex, the american wub-wub-wubstep overlord, has joined Team GB and will be representing at the winter olympics. Skrillex will be taking part in the freeski event and will be donned in one of Adidas’ finest tracksuits. Here he is, getting his tits out alongside two instantly forgettable people and Billy Morgan.

‘Skrillex, just pose like your getting your tits out. Billy, hands on hips. That’s it. Perfect!’ Photo by Team GB

The tracksuits have been designed by Adidas, the brand who will forever be know as being not quite as cool as Nike, but a little bit more desirable than Puma. Richard Pilchard, some guy we saw on the street drinking Carling and wearing an Adidas tracksuit commented on the design of the Team GB uniforms; ‘yeah it’s like cool and that. The red, white and blue yeah. Everyone knows it’s like that. But without the stars and stripes yeah, it’s not America yeah, we all know when they’re in the air yeah, doing stunts and that. That yeah, it’s like Great Britain. Or France.’

Adidas have made a whopping 267 items of Team GB clothing (I’m not making this bit up!) which include:

Jacket, pants, boots, towels, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, vest, hat, bobble hat, Worzle Gumage style hat,new era style flat cap, yorkshire style flat cap, Jamie Nicholls pro model Yorkshire style flat cap, beanie, 2003’s beanie with a visor, gloves, mittens, tall T, hoody, zip up hoody,┬ádog jacket, dog socks, dog shoes, dog trousers, cat pants, leggings, jeggings, thermal vest, thermal pants, bra, wonderbra, sports bra, training bra, non-sports bra, socks, thicker socks, thick-itchy socks, sock puppets, reversible sock puppets, nappy, a hat like the one Dappy wears, top hat, fleece for your dad, fleece for your mum, fleece that your gran bought you but you’ll never wear (ok some of this might be made up). And over 200 other items that you can’t even think of even when you’re trying to think of items of clothing that no one would ever need.

Anyway, here’s a video of James ‘Skrillex’ Woods on his skis:

And here’s one with Billy Morgan:

Read a really boring press release about clothes here.

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