Monday Mix #5 – Snowday Special

Once upon a time I promised that I’d write a weekly post every monday featuring some tunes and mixes for your aural pleasure. Well it turns out that I’m full of shit.

But anyway, here’s Monday Mix #5, it’s only a few months overdue.

This is the snowday special and is perfect for anyone who spent all day sat in their pants watching Jeremy Kyle after looking out of the window and deciding that the 1.2 inches of snow was enough to stop them going to work.

First up we have a lively little number from the elegantly coiffed Bastille whose poppy electro infused indie is probably going to make them quite popular with the likes of radio she-beast Fearn Cotton and the indistinguisahable Greg James/Nick Griwshaw in a few weeks or so. But it’s ok, we liked Bastille before they were ‘cool’ right?!

On the note of what’s cool, I’ll tell you what isn’t cool. That thing called ‘Splash’ on ITV every saturday where minor celebrities do shit dives whilst two men who’ve been dragged from some public baths (and Jo Brand) tell the celebrities how good their shit dive was.

All whilst Vernon Kaye gallops about in a pair of short shorts and that woman who looks like Tess Dailey but isn’t Tess Dailey says things that make no sense. Oh and Tom Daley’s always hanging about looking a bit bemused but slighlty pleased that someone has decided to pay him a shitload of cash to put his name to what is quite possibly the most drawn out, depressing, reality borefest to ever grace our screens.

Anyway, this Alle Farben remix of Daughter’s melancholic Youth tune will brighten up your day if, like me, you’ve been despairing at the thought of how much time, money and effort has been invested in creating crap reality telly.

On a snowday like today you could go outside and enjoy the snow, you could even take your skis out and go ‘ride’ some rails or you could just sit inside in the comfort of your own home and watch the snow fall whilst listening to mellow vibes by artists like atu.

If you’re in the mood for something with a bit more groove then this NYE mix by Greg LeMond, Klaus Daimler & Melon Man (not their real names) is perfect. Eclectic disco tunes with a dutty summery vibe provide a ray of sunshine in the dark depths of these snowy winter months.

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