Ear Fodder: Tall Ships – T=0

I have always been of the opinion that the music you listen to on your season, can define it, or at least parts of it. Call me a romantic or whatever but it’s something that I sincerely believe and I know that there are a few of you nodding in agreement.

This weeks Ear Fodder could well be one of those tracks. Tall Ships track T=O is quite possibly the perfect track to listen to to get you pumped for a powder day. Everyone has a track that they listen to when they are putting their gear on ready to hit the hill, or when they are perched on a peak readying for the decent; and this track is one of those. The build up, the vocals, the riff, everything about it is sublime and perfectly balanced to compliment your powder day like no other track I can think of right now. Go and buy it HERE and see what difference it makes to your bluebird.

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