It’s Cold.. Keep Warm: Top 5 Seasonaire Swelters

Without wanting to sound like your step dad, keeping warm this winter is pretty important. Trouble is, when people head out to buy a winter jacket or whatever, they think more about how good it looks and how “cool” the brand are rather than how warm it will keep you. That’s fine for a while, until one evening you head out in your Converse and H & M jacket, turn blue, keel over and die. So, here is our top 5 head-to-toe must haves that will not only keep you warm, but look fucking cool too, and they are not from the brands you might expect.

1. HEAD: You’re in real danger of picking the wrong hat and looking like a complete and utter twat, while at the same time not reaping the insulation benefits of a quality head warming device. As such, we think you should go for one of these. Tilley, for those of you who don’t know, make some of the best outdoor hats in the world. They’re nobby looking things really but these guys know what they are doing. If you go for the generic snow brand equivalent of this, I guarantee you won’t be as warm.

2. NECK: There is one thing and one thing only you should buy for your neck. A Buff. They may have a strong association with snowbladers, but it is about time we took these back for ourselves because frankly put, they are brilliant. There are some pretty ropey designs it has to be said, but fucking mountaineers wear this shit to keep their neck protected so for wimpy seasonaires half pissed on a powder run, these are brilliant. Get the Merino Wool one. It’s comfortable, breathable and it won’t rub on your pretty little face.

3. BODY: Now forget snow gear here, that’s irrelevant. You have more than likely already got it and even if you haven’t, I bet you’ve got your heart set on some brightly coloured waz that won’t look good, and won’t keep you warm. That’s fine, whatever. But for the evenings, wondering about and slipping from bar to bar, this is a must have. Cold water surf brand Finisterre make some brilliant gear and this insulated shirt is no exception. Get it.

4. LEGS: Because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a brilliant use of £300.

5. FEET: Feet are just as important to keep warm as anything else. I’m sure you have been sensible enough to think about being out in the snow, but what about inside? Think about this scenario. You’re inside, and you have to quickly pop outside. Damn it, you have to put your boots on, faff about or whatever. Not anymore. Get these. They use goose down to keep your feet warm and also have a proper sole on them. I’ve got a pair too so they must be cool.

Think there is something we have missed? Let us know.

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