Ear Fodder: Wolperdinger – What Is Your Colour

It is something quite rare to come across a group of musicians who have yet to be “discovered” (whatever the hell that means) who are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to their music. Wolperdinger are most definitely within this category.

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook getting angry at all the terrible posts people seem to feel necessary to unleash on the world, when one of my “friends” (I put this in quotes because although she is a very lovely person, I mean she really is, I just don’t see her very often, in fact not at all.) posted this on her wall. Wolperdinger happen to be “friends” of hers too (they may be closer I just don’t know) and they are quite simply, fantastic. The first track on this link (below) in particular is something incredibly special.

If you are looking for something totally different and original, which although challenges you to listen can still be easy to enjoy, then this is for you. Feel free to listen to the rest but be sure to absorb What Is Your Colour. Sheer genius from this all female musical awesomeness. Ahh fuck it, the whole lot is sheer genius. LISTEN AND LOVE!


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