Ear Fodder: Alt-J Matilda

Every week I will be sharing with you our top track for the last 7 days. Ear Fodder is an opportunity for you to sit down for a bit, kick back and spend some quality time feeding your ears, thinking carefully as to whether it will make it’s way on to your mountain playlist.

This week is an absolute belter and what’s more, it’s British. Mercury award winning Alt-J have smashed onto the scene with their debut album “An Awesome Wave”. The Guardian has described their style as “Boffin Rock”. Shut up Guardian, yeah, they may look like Boffins but there is nothing boffin about it. Boffin’s are all about numbers, figures and results. This is the opposite. This is a masterpiece that taps into the depths of your soul releasing nothing but pleasure en-route, something numbers simply can’t do.

This track, Matilda, is superb. Everything about it is fantastic and I have yet to fault it. It’s pure, organic, fair trade and eco friendly awesomeness, all of which couldn’t make it a more perfect candidate for the first ever Ear Fodder. Enjoy and please comment.

You can buy Alt-J’s album HERE and find out more about their tour HERE

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