Monday Mix #4 – Olympic/Bestival Come Down Special

I didn’t go to Bestival this year. Why? Because the Isle of Wight is a fucking ridiculous place to host a festival. It’s about a million miles away from where I live and to get there I’d need to get umpteen trains, ride the tube through LDN, then get on a ferry then travel via rick shaw to the festival site (did you know cars are banned on the Isle of Wight?).

Well that’s what I tell myself anyway. The real reason involves not trying to blag a ticket this year, being too busy and really wanting to watch Coldplay at the closing ceremony of the paralympics. #sarcasm.

So yeah, If you went to Bestival you’re probably coming down right now. If you’re not, then you’re not doing festivals right. Whether you went to Bestival or not you’re probably feeling like the cessation of another big event has left a massive gaping hole in your life like the massive hole in Bradford where they were going to build a Westfield Shopping Centre.

Like, I turned on BBC1 and Channel 4 this morning at 10am and seriously, buying a house at auction and decorating it is barely a sport is it? And what the fuck channel 4?! Obnoxious people hosting dinner parties for each other, what kind of paralympic event is that?

Oh right, Homes under the Hammer and Come Dine With Me aren’t olympic/paralympic sporting events, they are shit daytime TV programmes for seasonaires, students and other bums. And they’re back on the telly because London 2012 is FUCKING OVER.

BORIS HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?! Christ, this come down is worse than I thought, not only do I feel depressed and glum but I’m starting to get angry. I think we all need some chilled out tunes to just mellow out and relax to. Good job it’s Monday eh? Here we go with Monday Mix #4 – The Olympic/Bestival Come Down Special!

This first tune is super chilled and if Carlsberg made songs-to-come-down-to rather than shit lager, they’d probably make this song. It’s from the Leeds/Nottingham based chaps Atlas and features some lovely mellow vocals from Emily Harris. Close your eyes, crank the volume up and get lost.

Second up we have another post-dubstep number from Phaelah. It’s nice. (I’m sorry if you find my music descriptions a bit shit. But music journalism is a fucking joke, I’m not from North East London, I’m not a pretentious twat and I don’t work for NME/Pitchfork/Mix Mag. Just Listen to the songs of the Monday Mix #4 Ok?!)

I have no idea how this tune managed to stay off of my radar for 2 whole years, but it did. thankfully my pal Eoin played it to me on a moonless night in downtown Amsterdam as the rain was falling hard and the people on the street were grey blurs; silhouetted against the neon lights of the red light district. Actually it was in the Laundrette in Selly Oak, Birmingham as some lady was handing Eoin her boyfriends Laundry and I nearly blurted out “OMG! I have those boxers from Primark too!”. Where was I? Oh yeah, Baths – Lovely Bloodflow. Great tune, cool video. Especially if you’re into wounded Samurai and soul stealing masked people.

Finally, this mix from Kastle was made for the excellent blog MTHRFNKR, which is the home of any decent music that can be classified as post-dubstep. This mix is mellow and sexy. Starting off chilled, the BPMs soon start speeding up, so rather than feeling glum and coming down, you’ll be bouncing about like Mo Farah and Oscar Pistorius in no time.


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