Monday Mix #3

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey it’s bank holiday Monday! Which means we’ve got a bit of a monday mix special for you this week.

For any non UK nationals out there; a bank holiday is a national day off to celebrate all those hardworking, trustworthy and brilliant people working in the financial sector who have not caused any kind of crisis in recent years. It’s also a day where we celebrate things like Thatcherism, the privatisation of national infrastructure and the ways in which big businesses are able to avoid paying tax.

We celebrate bank holidays by going to festivals, shopping in Ikea and sitting around in our pants all day doing nothing in particular because the weather is so shit. All of these things are made better by music, so scrape all that wax out of your ears and have a listen to a selection of mixes for your listening pleasure.

First up is the Russian Palace mix by Hungry Man. He’s a snowboarding seasonaire with a talent on the decks. He’s also really hungry, so next time you see him buy him a Greggs/Baguette/Schnitzel depending on which country you’re in. Anyway, his Russian Palace mix is a funky soulful mash up affair that spans more genres than NME has names for. If it’s grey, cold and pissing it down where you are then this mix will cheer you up with summery vibes.

August bank holiday means it’s Notting Hill Carnival down in London. It’s a 3 day street celebration of music, food and culture where people from West London pretend they live in Rio and people from Shoreditch pretend they’re from West London. It’s also where many of London’s scallies go to stab each other and members of the public from time to time. So stay safe this bank holiday and bring the fun of notting hill to your own home, lock your doors, wrap yourself in bubblewrap and have a listen to this bashment mix by Hipsters Don’t Dance.

And finally to contrast all this wonky dance music, here’s a mellow little number which happens to be the favourite song of the NASA Curiosity Rover. It’s about how shit Mars is; a topic i feel is often neglected by modern music which is always about ‘love’, ‘bling’ or ‘partying’. So recording artists take note, more songs about space please. It’s what Neil Armstrong would have wanted.

Listen to it HERE or watch this video of it live:

If you’ve got any ideas for tracks for the Monday Mix or want you’re mix/track featured post in the comments/forum or send me a link on Twitter @rhyscrilley

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