Break The Silence: Music Is Added To Our Pages

With all the recent progression here at The Seasonaire, contributors and such, you must’ve known there was going to be changes.

So here it is, our new page…..Music! After all, it’s an essential part of Seasonaire life; it can define a season, make the difference between a good or bad run and wash away the shit that you been through on changeover day.

To kick things off on our music pages, we wanted something a little different. We wanted something new, unusual, clever and funny with a good beat. We listened to a lot of tracks but didn’t feel the need to carry on searching after listening to Scroobius Pip – The Struggle.

You could listen to this track at home, on the slopes, riding BMX, on a bus or in a park. Well, you could listen to any track while in those places or doing those things but this one will make your heart go that little bit faster and have your grey matter firing.

Even if you don’t find this track exciting or even like it, it will muster some emotion. Why? cos it’s a bit weird! It was originally released as a Halloween tune so involves murder but in a very theatrical way.

To give you an idea of Scroobius Pips approach to life, one of his lyrics is: “you see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a challenge”. If that’s not enough to make you watch it I don’t know what is.

So, without further ado, here is Scroobius Pip – The Struggle and the launch of our Music pages…

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