Stamford Muse: The History Of The Jäger-Bomb

I have, on good authority, heard that the Jäger Bomb is on of the most popular drinks for seasonaires throughout Europe.

But why?

Well, some people would say “cos it fucks you up real fast” and that would fit with snow sports as any chiropractor will tell you, but I have an alternative view.

I mean alternative as in “another” not as in conspiracy…or do I?

To get to my conclusion I first looked back through the window of time and space (the original name for Wikipedia).

I found that Jäger was originally developed by a man named Curt Mast, a distiller and keen hunter. Naming the drink after the German word for “hunt master” or “gamekeeper”.

The bottle also has a picture of a stag with a cross betwixt his antlers, in praise to Eustace, the patron saint of hunters.

And if that wasn’t driving the hunting stuff at you enough, there’s a poem on there:

This is the hunter’s badge of glory,
That he protect and tend his quarry,
Hunt with honour, as is due,
And through the beast to God be true.

(it’s in German on the bottle, Obvs)

The key to being a good hunter is to protect and honour his surroundings, creating as well as destroying. Giving something back. As does a seasonaire, not just out enjoying but also polishing porcelain.

Jäger, is then, the spirit of the stag (technically it is a liqueur but go with me on this) and may impart knowledge of the Alps through this mystical memory juice.

Adding this mystical power to Red Bull may have been done to increase the chance of hearing the voice of the stag. Native Americans, have for centuries, used roots and animal parts to make drinks that allowed them to communicate more easily with the spirits of the animals and nature. Using the modern European equivalent, Red Bull, and mixing it with the spirit of the stag has the potential to open your mind to subtle clues nature has been giving you about the mountain you have ridden over and over again! Thus allowing you to become the rider you always dreamed of being.

This is my theory as to why the Jäger Bomb has become the most popular drink for seasonaires.

Either that or cos it fucks you up real fast.

~From the pen of Stamford Muse~

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