Mr Motivator! Fitness For The Slopes

Getting yourself fit for the slopes is a pretty crucial thing to consider before heading out on a season. Not least because you are far less likely to cause yourself an injury. However, it is very difficult to stick to a fitness regime that works and that can get you prepared for 6 months on the snow.

After trying but failing to stick to my own fitness schedule I decided that it was probably best to take a look at what’s out there and try and stick to one of those. Turns out there are hundreds of toms, dicks and harrys telling you what they think you should do to keep fit so here are my top three. Just remember to stuff yourself with beer and pizza between workouts.

1. This is a proper timetabled workout so you know where you stand from

2. The SCUK effect. The team at SCUK lend us their tips for pre slope fitness.

3. Some simple tips. Some straight forward advice that a monkey could follow.

Get Motivated!.

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