Boo! Scary Surf

There are loads more things scarier than Halloween. Marbles for instance. Although sometimes beautiful, these normally harmless glass balls are far more scary than the prospect of Halloween. I barely even notice that Halloween has been and gone but the marbles on my sideboard stare at me as if to say, one day we WILL get lodged in your throat.

So what is the point if it isn’t scary? Well I like to think that this is. Take the piss. Normally fancy dress is a pain is the ass because you really have to go to some effort before you can turn up to a party for the free booze. You can’t just rock up and say “Er, yeah I’ve come as my Dad”. That is not a scary costume, and you will just get stared out by the host, normally a woman, or your sister. You’ll head home to knock something up but the best materials you can hope for at the last minute is some old red house paint and some left over tin foil. By the time you have fumbled about and got something together the party will be pretty much over. You’ll head for the beer stash and realise that all that effort wasn’t worth it for some luke warm Tesco lager and the smell of sick on your shoes.

This is a much better way to spend Halloween. That is if you live somewhere with some tasty surf this time of year.

Dress and go surfing you freak.

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