a shameless application

The following 199 words are a shameless application for Metro.co.uk as a resort blogger. In the interests of not being wasteful I have course posted it for you all to read and hopefully enjoy. If you find you don’t enjoy the following please email press@pauldaniels.co.uk

It has been a week since I finished my job and embarked on one month of doing nothing before hitting the mountains. This prospect while I was still at work was a vision of absolute bliss. My mind would be able to wonder freely without the concerns of work and commuting.

Reality however pretty soon hit. It was Sunday evening and I asked my other half a simple question which frightened the living be-Jesus out of me. “So, what do you want to do tomorrow?” a simple straight forward question with a million answers teetering on your lips but none of which are able to make the trip out and form themselves into actual, audible words. I saw her face drain into pale white. We sat on the sofa with still no answer and let our sorrows dwindle into Sunday night trash TV.

The whole week past like this up to now. I looked around trying to figure out what I had done so to fill this otherwise empty void of a post with interesting anecdotes for a job application. None were to be found. Let’s hope then my potential employers find something interesting in what I sent them……this.

With a week having done nothing, what am I supposed to write about?


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