As you may have noticed I have spent the last few weeks or so anally checking to see what the snow is doing in Europe. I have totally neglected the U.S because to be quite frank, to me, it doesn’t matter. However I have come to realise that it probably matters to someone. This open letter was popped up on NSFGIRLS, a site which pretty much covers anything that isn’t suitable for girls, namely tits and cars but sometimes, it would seem, snow. Not only that but it is run but one of the funniest Frenchmen I have ever met so the rest of it is worth a look too especially when quotes like this can be pulled from pretty much anywhere on his pages “You won’t see any dodgy porn on my blog, just the finest.” Classic.

Anyway, take a read of this, and if you are headed for the States, get in touch and let us know how the shred is yeah?!


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