Snow | Will there be any?

I have now finished work and have an entire month to speculate whether or not we are going to have a decent dump of snow in the alps this season. I started my scientific research this morning and well, it is not looking good. The world is getting warmer and this time it is for real. The industrialist, money grabbing, prostitute shagging oil barons decided that NASA and the Met Office had no idea what they were doing so decided to fund the Berkeley Earth Project to get proper answers. Turns out NASA and the Met Office were right and we are headed for a serious environmental disaster. This is really rather worrying not least because the last two years snowfall in the alps has been shit. But what the hell can I do about it?
I have no money so donating to climate charities isn’t an option, but it seems that having no money is probably the answer. I can’t afford to buy stuff and as such I am not contributing to the worlds poisonous economic wheel. So that’s the answer then. Remove the rich and let the poor continue on their way surviving in as self sufficient way as possible. Your average poor person could do so much with the same amount of energy it takes to serve up cucumber sandwiches, tea and cake at the Ritz. Cut off power to the rich and let the poorer people of the world use the world’s dwindling natural resources more wisely. Do that and we will continue to have pow filled winters year after year.

Heat is on the up

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