September 19, 2016 . by TheSeasonaire

GoPro have only gone and released another fucking camera. The “So simple. So Powerful. So GoPro” Hero 5. Yeah, it is sooooooo GoPro. As far as I can tell from the latest edit, you know the one they spunk out for every release, life is about to get even more depressing. This camera has the…


Burton Kilroy Was Here

September 14, 2016 . by TheSeasonaire

If it was in the U.K it would be “Chad” was here. If it was in Australia it would be “Foo” was here. But it’s none of those things because this is straight out of the U.S of A. So “Burton Kilroy Was Here” it is. The Kilroy Crew who’s logo is that of U.S…


12 Feelings You’ll Experience Watching The Fourth Phase

September 12, 2016 . by TheSeasonaire

The Fourth Phase U.K premiere is approaching faster than Travis Rice hurtling down some mental ridge he spotted and highlighted with some weird expensive elctropen and lightbox or whatever. And if you’re anything like us, you’re excited. Based on our experience of Rice’s previous films, we thought we would put together a list of the…


Will Climate Change Melt Your Powder Dreams?

October 26, 2014 . by TheSeasonaire

In short…yes. One day you’ll rock up, board in hand ready to shred in your newly purchased steez, only to find that the only shredding you’ll be doing is skin on rock. There won’t be any snow. The look of disappointment on your face will be enough to kill a polar bear and you’ll be…


Season Worker Pay : Are You Getting a Fair Deal?

October 14, 2014 . by TheSeasonaire

On my last season I was paid well. I got paid £800/month on top of a free lift pass, accommodation and most of my food. It included flight and transfers and if I wanted it, ski or board hire. It was a very good deal and as a driver, I was one of the lowest…


Two Things That Only Snowboarders Will Understand

October 8, 2014 . by TheSeasonaire

1. Buzzfeed is shit 2. Snowboarding isn’t


GoPro Hero 4 Rumours

September 26, 2014 . by Romberto Curluso

Well strap a camera to my head and call me Gary the punter, the new GoPro Hero 4 is coming out soon! There’s a whole bunch of rumours flying around so we thought we’d clear things up. Here’s what we know: The GoPro Hero 4 will come with a bunch of filming options that you…


Get Involved! We’re Recruiting…

September 25, 2014 . by Romberto Curluso

Are you one super-duper-radical-trendy cool cat? Can you write well, take photographs, film videos, edit videos, bring in advertising revenue, take charge of SEO, work to strict deadlines, make coffee, annnnnd clean toilets??!?!1!!? If you can do all of those things and you don’t want to make any money from it then boy have we…


The 6 types of skier you’ll meet at uni

September 24, 2014 . by Romberto Curluso

Believe it or not there’s more to university life than sitting around in your pants all day. Other major activities include drinking red stripe and spending most of your time at club nights with names like ‘vodbull’ and ‘seedy sonics’ in an endless attempt to bump uglies with someone of the opposite sex. There’s also…


Hoverboard Hype: The Real Deal?

March 4, 2014 . by Romberto Curluso

Ever since Back to the Future 2, we’ve all been willing to kill someone for the opportunity to ride a hoverboard. In the film, we’re promised that we’ll all be zipping around on hoverboards by 2015. And today, people all over the internet have been getting there pants wet after a video from the company…