85 Robot “Volunteers” To Be At South Korean Winter Games Signalling The Beginning Of The End For Everyone

December 6, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Business Insider has reported that there is gonna be 85 robot “volunteers” at next years winter games in Pyeongchang. There will be a whole range of robots including delivery robots, tourist helpers, and even a torch bearer, which presumably is a clamp on wheels (not a robot). Come to think of it the tourist helpers…


Transworld SNOWboarding Announce 19th Rider’s Poll Awards Nominees

December 1, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Every year for almost two decades, Transworld SNOWboarding have polled the professional riders scene to pull together the very best in the business. Here is the short list. What do you think? Men’s Readers’ Choice presented by Toyota •Halldór Helgason •Marcus Kleveland •Travis Rice Women’s Readers’ Choice presented by Toyota •Jamie Anderson •Anna Gasser •Robin…


Psycho Yabai /// adidas Snowboarding

November 30, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

adidas Snowboarding decided to throw this little gem onto YouTube earlier today. You can try watching in 4K if you’re internet can keep up and also, what the fuck are they doing with the frame rate or whatever? It looks too smooth. Like cheap ice cream. Anyway, the riding is sick. Enjoy.


The £8,430 Ski Fit Programme For Uber Rich Idiots

November 30, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Rich skiers now have another stupid way to waste their money, a £8,430 ski fit programme at the Bvlgari Hotel and Spa in London. You’d imagine for that kind of money you’d get the absolute best, but by the look of the images from The Telegraph they just strap a couple of green elastic bands…


Road To Holy Bowly Part Six: Holy Bowl-Eh?

November 23, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Road To Holy Bowly Part Six: Holy Bowl-Eh? from Lib Tech on Vimeo. Flipping-grabbing-skating-tapping-fucking-fudging-marvellous, “Road To Holy Bowly Part Six” is pretty much all you’ll need today. if you wanna check out the rest of the series you can, because we have the internet. Go here. Right, time to fuck off to the mountains.


Powder Dreams May Come True As Third Successive Weekend Of Snow Hits Alps

November 21, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Yeah, that’s right. For the third weekend in a row, it’s dumping it down in the alps. Like proper dumping it down. Brrrrrrr ❄️ #chamlive #Chamonix #aiguilledumidi #snow #winter A post shared by Menna (@menna_pritchard) on Nov 13, 2017 at 6:45am PST Yeah so that might have been a week ago but it’s still going….


BYND x MDLS – 48 HOURS ONLY (And 24hrs have already passed)

November 20, 2017 . by TheSeasonaire

Yeah so they may have ditched ‘lympics to persue a career of Internet Fame, but Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom have just plopped their full part from Transworld’s latest offering online for 48hrs only, and 24 of those have already gone. “Arcadia” is avaiable on iTunes and I’m pretty sure you can snag it on…


The Stages Of An Avalanche

December 20, 2016 . by Kio

Avalanches are fucking terrifying. I mean think about it. At any moment the snow beneath your feet could give way and drag you to a slow and painful, freezing cold death. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. On average 30 lives will be claimed by avalanches every year in the French alps alone,…


No Grab is the New Grab

November 22, 2016 . by TheSeasonaire

Grabs are old news. No grab is the new grab, Grandad. If you’re still grabbing your board, you may as well live the rest of your life sitting in Starbucks listening to Travis on your MP3 player. And if you don’t believe me, here’s a video for proof featuring Sebbe de Buck and Nik Baden….


Could Dyson Award Winning Paper Bike Helmet Become Snowboardings Next Big Thing?

November 18, 2016 . by TheSeasonaire

No. This fantastic innovation is the creation of Isis Shiffer, a designer based in Trump’s America. She had an idea to create a helmet that could be dispensed from vending machines near to cycling sharing schemes. It’s a great idea. I mean who walks around with a helmet in their bag just in case the…